Why Google Likes Any Website Design or Pattern

Create an unique website design to engage more customers in a better wayWebsite creation is much like cooking something from scratch. The way you present it to the world makes all the difference. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind for making a great website that not only web surfers love visiting but Google too approves of.

 Navigation and Headlines

An important part of website design & development requires you to display everything in boxes and columns neatly in order to blend it all well with the website’s design. The content’s flow must be controlled depending on the web layout underlying the site. Users should be able to freely and swiftly navigate between the pages. This indicates that the site has to have high user functionality with more time being spent on landing pages. Google should be able to track the website structure and navigation system. The site hierarchy, on the whole, shall determine the rank of the website on search engines hence a good website would also include categories that can be browsed easily for products and content.

Main Content

The impactful content market is the differentiator between bad and good websites. No matter what kind of web development you adopt, you should have the content spot on. After all, what is displayed on your site defines your business. The proper usage of relevant keywords and phrases determine how the Google Webmaster Tool responds to the site. However, do not overuse keywords on your site as it would lead to an adverse impact on the user experience. Most website design & development experts focus on maintaining a balance between keywords in the body of the content. Exciting, compelling and unique content is what captures the attention of users.

URL Structures

A site which is made of HTTP is based on a simple and reliable URL or Uniform Resource Locator structure. Not only would be URL be friendly enough for search engines, but also users by pointing out the resource which it has been attached to. The URLs must be memorable, comprehensible and readable by regular users. Complex URLs shall make GoogleBot unable to index the content of the website and could cause problems.

Linking Hierarchy

A clutter-free hierarchy is important for a site to function and text links should continue on to different pages. Links on a similar homepage must continue on to relevant subpages which would link to more such pages. Building a pyramid for the visitor to know exactly where s/he should go next is a good idea.

Anchor Texts and Keywords

Keywords that are relevant for your business must be in right places. Drop down menus, headings, slider menus and pop-ups shall make sure that visitors find what they want within seconds. Anchor texts many lead visitors indicating to them that there are more pages available in relation to what they are going through. All they need to do is click again. You should ensure that the anchor text represents what will pop up next rather than confuse the visitor with generic content. Better keywords shall lead to better SEO.

Image Optimizations

Websites which perform well optimize their images so that maximum bytes can be saved along with visual space. Designing pages in the way that is most readable by Bot enhance SEO and ensures that a browser loads it quickly.

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