eCommerce UX and The Themes Required to Accomplish it Finish


Looking for a custom ecommerce website? - Contact usThe appearance of your eCommerce store is very important although not the end of it. You have to take into other aspects in order to make it a great shopping experience for all. There are several internal factors to be taken into account to achieve this.

Straightforward Navigation: You should avoid sending customers down roads that have no ends or ways to return. Avoid sending them to pages that are unrelated to the navigation button. These are the two definite ways of losing customers. You should put in some extra effort to make the navigation cool, clean and crisp.

The search box: eCommerce web development companies require you to make it as easy as you can for customers to find individual products or product lines that they seek. You should think of the search box as an excellent customer supporting feature. The quicker customers gain access to products, the more likely are they to purchase it.

Amazing user experience: This is the easy part of eCommerce web development. People visit different websites for information. Therefore, you should supplement images with interesting and useful information. Shoppers shall stay around for a longer period and they are likely to buy something.

Emphasizing Products: Having a range of great design elements available to you makes it easier to focus on the site’s appearance. You have to then concentrate on product information and presentation less. You should not allow design features to take the spotlight over products.
Making the most of top-class eCommerce themes for WordPress- You should definitely make use of a top-notch, premium WordPress theme for all the hard work required for creating great online shopping experiences. Here are a few of the e-commerce themes that you can use.

1. Shopkeeper

This theme is meant for e-commerce sites mainly. It is backed by Woo Commerce. Not only does the theme have features for creating online stores but they can also be made quickly. All the sophisticated features needed for addressing store management have been included too. The framework is a flexible one which allows it to create other genre-specific sites as well. However, it is most popularly used in the e-commerce segment. There are several customizable layouts, pre-built with a range of design elements and unlimited styles of the header. A range of masonry and grid style and other things required for an outstanding product have been provided.

2. Atelier 12

One of the most popular eCommerce themes, it is available with a range of demos to convince you of its versatility. The layouts are clutter free and classy and you would only require a few edits to personalize it. You have all the required flexibility for designing your product displays. However, it is not a match for the Shopkeeper, created by Theme Power Elite Authors.

3. Wendy

This is the multi-store Woo Commerce theme and is available in six alternative layouts. Either of them can be picked for matching the store’s theme that you are developing. You can also select the elements from each for designing custom layouts.

4. Enfold WordPress Theme

It is great for beginners who want to create a feature-laden website.

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