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How to increase productivity of your online business? - Ask our Experts

Most of us feel flustered when faced with the pressure of imminent deadlines and expanding task lists. However, designers are somewhat relieved from this as they have proper guidelines to work with that they picked up from designing itself. Here are some tips that a web designer & developer can use for keeping productivity high when they are struggling to produce and focus on great work.

  • Motivated by Passion

A custom website designer & developer should invoke strong emotions and inspirational anecdotes for motivating users. Eliciting feels also serve as good rules to consider when you are designing every day. Even though you will be inclined to work with the fun things first, you should leave them for later. Working on projects that need creativity and passion can be done alongside regular tasks for increasing output and productivity throughout. You can also play music while working as it would stir up emotions. Play your favorite track to raise your endorphins and the session shall power you through your first phase of the day. It will keep you powered for producing better work.

  • Finding Focus

Every web designer & developer known that simplicity and elegance are the keys to great designs. Designers try to eliminate external distractions by staying focus on the user’s journey and getting into the zone. You can switch off your email for forty to forty-five minutes. Let your colleagues know a priori how you can be reached. You should set some boundaries for yourself that would allow you to focus on the pending task. Procrastinators can use StayFocusd on Google Chrome for time spent searching different websites. You can set chats to DND mode so that you don’t hear pings when you are working.

If you are working late night, use f.lux that changes the monitor’s color temperature, to make it less stressful on the eyes. There are several tools to help you focus- you just need to try a few.

  • Do not go with defaults

There are several designers who opt for default templates when they are designing. If you are pressed for resources and time, they are great alternatives. However, when you have time, take risks. You can change your workspace for an added push, as a new environment would lead to a newer perspective and meaning for designing. You can also relocate to a nearby coffee shop or friend’s place if you really want to move out of your comfort zone. If you can’t move away, then try white noise solutions meant for productivity boosts such as Coffitivity. The app recreates coffee shop sounds for helping you maintain high productivity levels. You have to challenge the default state of your mind.

  • Organization is Mandatory

Your levels of organization are important for creating beautiful layouts. It is important to master it before you get designing. Go about a method when working. As a web designer & developer, you should have the fonts and stock photos downloaded so that everything is near you when you start the project. Once all the needful is in your hand, you won’t be distracted by social media and advertisement pop-ups when you are searching for other resources. This would allow you to complete the project with little distractions and with the optimum organization.

Your skills as a designer will be at least important if you can’t show them to your clients. These tips, coupled with ingenuity can shoot your productivity levels high.

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