How are eCommerce website developed differently?

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eCommerce websites have become popular and gained in size in the past ten years. Firms like Flipkart and Amazon now rule the roost and newer sites to are gaining visitors rapidly. However, only a handful of these websites take into consideration the different UX required for eCommerce websites. If you are thinking of eCommerce website development, then here are a few things that you will have to consider.

The Retailed Product

The main aim of an eCommerce website development is to sell different products. They are the centerpieces of the site hence they should be worked upon to attract more users. A lot of website owners make the images larger so that finer things about them can be observed by surfers. It allows them to scrutinize the products available before purchasing them. This helps to deepen the connection. However, this is only applicable to products which are tangible. Also, different products have varied appeal. For instance, a customer buying a showcase would be more bothered with looks rather than one buying a mobile. The latter would be concerned about specs more. Therefore, you should focus on the tech specs too for products that have them.


Reviews are an important aspect of product pages and can govern buying decisions more often. Most buyers do not trust the corporate selling the wares and prefer to put their trust in a previous or current user of the product. This is particularly true when we are using virtual technology for buying products. Opinions of other people like us help us trust the products. Therefore, user reviews add some security when it comes to purchasing decisions. The effect is highly pronounced if the site has a higher traffic and a high percentage of people find the product helpful. The key to any eCommerce website development is to develop trust with users.

The Cart

The shopping cart is often neglected when the UX is developed although it is an important aspect of eCommerce. The part of adding a product to a car is frequently integrated into the user experience. This process is called slippy UX. It sounds like a good deal unless you consider the fact that a lot of money is being spent on a product and users have no clue about whether it has gone into the shopping cart.

The cart icon is almost obscure and users have to hunt around for it. In all likeliness, some users won’t find it and add it again to their cart, thereby ending up buying two pieces of the same product. It has been found that several users prefer to have a wish list to aid decision making prior to final checkouts.

eCommerce website development is much important compared to other sites because it is a direct interface between users’ money and businesses. A carefully made system with user reviews, product page, and good shopping cart can go a long way in influencing buying decisions.

In several cases, an artificial intelligence design is used for complementing the considerations. It can elevate your site to a very high level. However, even without it, one can work on the smaller aspects to make eCommerce shopping a better experience for all.

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