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Amazing Web Design & development Trends - Get in TouchEvery now and then artistic patterns are given a touch up for a new look. This post discusses several patterns which have been given an artistic touch-up, some static ones which are developed on the grid and other dynamic patterns that could be used in animations. Data inspired, generative and animation patterns rule the roost this year. They are the main tools for making web development projects look modern and outstanding. Traditional web trends patterns have been recently given a touch up for a more creative look. They are no longer 8 pixels sized or simple in shape. Most of them have been made into tiny illustrations, sketches and large drawings with several details and colors.

Le Coq Sportif

This traditional pattern has been amped up with some personality. A 3D flair has been introduced in the crafty pattern which blends well with line styled images and graphics that are scattered through the page neatly.

Cyborg Project

Apart from being about the cyborg world, it is a blog regarding colors. The radiant background catches the eye from the very first second. It is an ideal option although the canvas looks overwhelming on the whole. The content area has been kept above it so that visitors can read easily.

For Better Coffee

The background has been made quite loud by the large visual weight. Flat style and bright coloring play the first fiddle. Even though the background is content intensive and highly saturated, nonetheless, it does not overpower visitors. Rather, it takes then into this project gently.

iForex Blog

iForex Blog looks aesthetic and artistic. It has pretty illustrations which recreate the whole ambiance for transmitting the message. The pattern is an important detail on all the composition which adds to enrich the design.

Ford Responde

Ford Responde is an unparalleled website with several top notch details. The backdrop has been made of an animation pattern suited for dynamic objects at the center of the page. It supports the spirit and attitude of the site.


The page has a strong charisma and personality. The marvelous icons seem to be hand-drawn while the illustrations forming the background strengthen the aesthetics on the whole. Animation patterns have been used for making some objects blink which adds a sleek touch.

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge’s landing page has a dash of personality along with a power infused business vibe. The brand’s identity is easily complemented and a cozy environment cozy up. A grid pattern has been used on the backdrop that keeps everything together while strengthening the impression on the whole.

Good Patch

The Good Patch’s background can be attributed partly to a grid pattern. Several flat solid coloured circles are spread through the landing page that adds a zing to aesthetics. They contribute to the visual appeal and theme perfectly.

Do you want your online business to achieve success - Ask our expertsWeb trends patterns are very popular instruments that can be used for making great aesthetics. These patterns mentioned are original and fresh and can be used for decorating canvases. They look trendy although not all of them are popular. Grid and crafty patterns are rare even though they have much personality. They can be used for web development for creating a visually appealing site.

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